Famous Paralegals

Recently I received an email from Online Paralegal Programs letting me know about a new study they have conducted regarding the job outlook and educational requirements for the paralegal profession.  If you know me by now, I’m always always interested in those statistics.

Although those statistics are important to know what got my attention this time was the fact that they took the time to research some very important paralegals.  Makes us all proud to belong to such a great profession.

I have been given permission to post the graph here on my site.  I think it’s really important to share this type of information.  One of the things I seem to always be saying is that I’m not a paralegal by accident.  Some of us really enjoy what we do and we have carefully picked our profession.  I am not a paralegal because I couldn’t be anything else.  It’s true that I fell into the profession by a happy coincidence….. I needed a job and that small law firm was hiring.  I was eager and they were willing to give me a chance.  That’s all I needed.  The rest is history and I have since fallen in love with what I do….. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Enough about me…. Please shut me up.  Here is the one page study from Online Paralegal Programs .

Famous Paralegals
Source: Online-Paralegal-Programs.com

4 thoughts on “Famous Paralegals

  1. Thanks for sharing the list of famous paralegals. It is really interesting that Abraham Lincoln and Ellen Degeneres were both paralegals. My husband works in a law firm as an assistant while he is finishing out his business degree. His boss told him he would make a great paralegal, so I was wondering how long would it take to become certified?

    1. I am so sorry I’m just now responding. My spam filter thought you were spam so I didn’t realize this was sitting in there. How great that your husband’s boss thinks so highly of him. As you can imagine, being a paralegal is one of my favorite things in the world :). The certification issue is a difficult one to answer because it depends on what state. If you want more information you can call you State Bar office and ask them if certification is necessary. I am not certified. I started out as a legal secretary and worked my way up. I can see where there is a need for certification these days, however. In New Jersey, where I’m from certification is not a requirement but I work with paralegals who have obtained theirs. Some have gone to 4 year schools and majored in paralegal studies and others went to a 6 month program and obtained their certificate after college. There are also paralegal organizations like NALA.org who administer a certification so you may want to look into that as well.

      I wish your husband all the luck and am so glad you guys are considering the profession. I highly recommend it. Keep me posted.


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