Ana Pierro, is a New Jersey paralegal currently employed at a large financial company.  Ana is a recognized speaker and advocate for the paralegal profession.  She has over 30 years experience in personal injury, criminal defense, products liability, aesbestos defense litigation, wrongful death cases, pharmaceutical regulatory/compliance, Financial regulatory/compliance.

Ana is a passionate proponent of the paralegal profession. She has presented on various paralegal issues including, “Billing Tips for the Paralegal Professional”, “The Paralegal and Time Management.”  Ana co-authored an article with one of her former employers Training and Policing the Sales Representative – Creative Tactics for Effectice Compliance Program.” 

With this blog Ana addresses issues in the legal profession such as, education, training and career development.  She hopes to reach paralegal and attorneys alike.

Ana has a BA in Political Science/Criminal Justice from Kean Univeristy in New Jersey.  She is a Board Member of the Essex County College Paralegal Program.  She is the former President of Paralegal Association of New Jersey in 2014 she founded the Paralegal Excellence Network (“PEN”) at JPMorgan Chase which is now an international organization geared towards the education and excellence of paralegals working in-house.

In 2011, Ana was counted among ParalegalGateway.com 2011 Paralegal Superstars and was recognized as Rasmusen College Best 100 Paralegal Bloggers.  She enjoys social networking and you can often find her on Twitter as @Letsparalegal on her Face Book page, The Paralegal or on LinkedIn as Ana Pierro.

In her spare time Ana is an avid reader.  You can join her on Goodreads and make recommendations of great books you think she would like to read or just check out the books she is currently reading.  There is something for everyone.  Social networking is one of her favorite past times and you can often find her on Twitter (@SoMeSoAna), Facebook (The Paralegal), Instagram (@Life_uncomplicated) or Snapchat (@anapierro) …. there are so many different ways of keeping up with her.  Pick your favorite.  If none of the above suit you…. you can always contact her via email at the Theparalegal@me.com

Hope to hear from you.

Updated on February 1, 2020

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  1. Looking to enter the field, I’m currently in education and was hoping to combine the two. I have strong feelings on what is happening in Special Ed. Any advice?

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