One Year with the iPad

I guess today in honor of the launch of the Amazon Fire Tablet I want to tell you more about my iPad.  It was just a little over a year ago that I decided that I was going to give in and buy myself an iPad.  I told you all about my trip to the Apple store and how I convinced myself that I was just going to look and not buy.  At that time I was still being my stubborn self and still telling myself that the iPad was nothing more than a very large iPhone.  Hmmm that didn’t last long.  One foot in the door and I caved.  Read that post of my purchase here.

That was my conversation.  The iPad has totally changed the way I work. In my original article I said that I did not type long documents on the iPad.  That, too, has changed.  I have gotten used to the keyboard and I can and do type some of my articles on the way to the office while on the train.  It’s better than having to take my computer.

Lots of changes have taken place and lots of Apps have come and gone.  It is true when the commercials say that “there’s an app for that.”  The problem is that there are usually three or four thousand apps for that actually.  I’ve had lots.  Some, I have kept from the beginning and some I have deleted and totally forgot about.

Today this is what my iPad looks like.

My iPad 2 on September 28, 2011

I like to keep the first page simple.  These are the apps that I use on a daily basis.  There’s my calendar, contacts, Notes Plus (This has to be the best note taking application available), Pages (used mostly to write articles), Keynote (used for the presentations I create regarding the paralegal field.  Currently working on a  presentation for attorneys on how to develop a paralegal program) iBooks (I really enjoy reading and have completely stopped buying paper books), Bloomberg (to get the most up to date information on the markets and check the stocks), Pulse (to keep up to date on most of the blogs I read.  It’s a fun application with lots of information), Zite (this is where I read a lot of the random articles I post on twitter or get my information) Game Center (because every paralegal needs to relax and play games), Twitter (how else would I keep in touch with all you guys?) and finally my iDisk (for when I begin an article on the iPad and want to finish it on the MacBook Pro).

At the bottom I keep my Safari, mail, settings, FaceTime, haven’t really used it a lot but it’s cool 😉 and Remember the Milk (RTM).  RTM is an to do list application.  I have been using it for the past few months and really like.  However, I’m really looking forward to IOS 5 to come out so I can use the “To Do” application Apple will have that works with the calendar.  That will make my life even easier.

Having the iPad organized this way makes it easier for me to concentrate on work.  I don’t see all the other distracting applications and therefore am not tempted to open up a game and start playing instead of working.  Don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes it doesn’t work.  The games sometimes call my name and I can’t help but listen.

the next page of my iPad is organized with all folders where I keep applications organized according to what they do.  Photograph, Food & Wine, Law, Weather & Maps, Newsstand, Books, Finance, Games, Puzzle Games, Catalogues, Lifestyle, Blogging, Productivity, Music & Videos, Television and Social.

Second Page

Since last year I’ve gone through a lot of different ways of organizing my iPad but this one seems to be working the best for me.  At least for now.  Let’s see how long this one will last.

So, this is my iPad.  What does yours look like?  Please feel free to comment below.

The iPad2 and The Smart-Cover

Much has been said about this Smart-Cover for the iPad2. I will review it in depth, shortly. However, I feel compelled to give you my immediate thoughts now.

Picture from ""

Two weeks ago I decided that I “needed” an iPad 2. I don’t think there will be much more the iPad 3 will be able to do that I can’t do with the ipad2 so, before my first generation iPad is worth nothing I thought I’d get myself a second generation. Besides, the Smart-Cover is so cool. I got the pink (“girly”). Now working is fun and ohhh so sexy ;).

Anyway, the cover is great. The magnets work very well. Although I have to remember to store it in my purse facing down otherwise if the cover slides backwards the iPad turns itself on and wastes battery. That’s an annoyance, although not my biggest gripe. The biggest gripe I have is the fact that it does not seem to want to stay at an angle when I want to type on my lap. Yes, it’s true that you can fold it and turn it into a convenient typing angle, if you’re at a table. If it’s on your lap, as I often am when typing on the iPad, it slides all over the place. I find myself using my thumb to holding the iPad in place. I place my left thumb at the bottom of the ipad and type with only two or three fingers, ok, four fingers (both index fingers and both middle fingers). Takes some getting used to and it’s not very comfortable. I have small hands and the reach is not all that comfortable for the left hand.

These are the only two issues I have found with the smart cover. It’s difficult for me to EVER find anything wrong with Apple. I love their products and, I guess you can say, I’m addicted to anything Jobs and now Cook. However, I am hoping they come out with a new and improved cover that works for the ipad2.

Have you bought an iPad2? If so, what do you think of the Smart-cover?

Stay tuned for a more in-depth review of the ipad2 as well as how my workflow has changed in the past year since I became an iPad addict.