What to Wear to the Office – Affordable Dresses and Pant Suits for the Office

You are not going to believe what I found.  Like any other woman I am always looking for something new to add to my work wardrobe.  I especially like dresses and tend to wear them a lot.  However, the problem with dresses is that you wear them once and everyone remembers them.  There is very little you can do to make it look like a different dress short of wearing different color jackets.  However, that can get a little expensive.

My solution to this issue is to look for dresses on sale.  Check out this one below.  I love the collar and I love the price.

If you have sworn dresses and skirts out of your life, there are also some very nice pant suits that fit the budget quite nicely.  These days, even the most conservative law firm does not frown on women wearing a nice pant suit.  In my constant search for professional looking clothes that won’t break the bank I came across these really great Evan Picone Black Label , pant suits and what’s even better is that you can get the jacket in red or yellow.

I’m also eyeing this other Evan Picone mono color suit which is a little bit more classic but still feminine and not black (shocking for me I know).  Then again, I always gravitate to the black, so on my list is this herringbone pant suit also by Evan Picone.


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