What to wear to the office picnic?

It’s that time of the year again.  You received the save the date a few months ago on your work email and today the invitation arrived at your desk.  This is one of those things that you don’t have to go but it’s “recommended” that you make an appearance.  The question is…. what do you wear?  

Your closet is mostly made up of either work clothes (suits, dresses, skirts) and hang out clothes (stuff you wear when hanging at home or stuff you wear to the pool or beach with friends) Neither of these options is appropriate for the office picnic…… I say this is a great opportunity to go shopping. I love a project!!!!!!

Like you, I am waiting for the invitation to arrive and, like you I am not sure what to wear this year. Here are a few things I have picked out and have either in my basket or waiting for a sale so I can pick them up. Hopefully in time for the picnic.

I like that the shorts are a bit longer on the leg.  When I sit down I don’t want the entire office to know what color underpants I have on.  I like the simplicity of the t-shirt.  My favorite t-shirts these days are by Gap Essential Short sleeve comes in a ton of colors, last forever and are the softest ever.   If you prefer a tank or something with no sleeves I like this one also from the Gap.  I don’t like my arms so I usually go with the short sleeve t-shirts.

I thought the shoes were so cute. The little kitten face gives them that whimsical something as well as make them a great conversation starter. These Victoria’s Secret sandals are also really cute. I’ve stayed within the yellow accents to give the outfit a little bit more interest and make it bright and sunny…. After all, it is a Summer picnic right? However, if yellow is not your color you can replace yellow with any other color you prefer. My suggestion is that you stick with something bright and happy.

Also remember that even though there will probably be beer, and other types of alcohol it does not mean you need to drink as much as possible. Remember that you will be seeing these people again on Monday and how hard you have worked to get their respect. Is it worth throwing it all away in one afternoon? Sometimes it is hard to gage how much to drink. Especially when it’s hot and you start to get dehydrated. In that case I usually just stick to bottled water. Most of your colleagues will respect that.

So be safe, remember this is still work related and try to have fun and relax — It’s all going to be ok. You got this!!!!!!!!!


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