For the Lawyers

In today’s economic times everyone is looking for most economical way of delivering services. The goal is to maintain the same type of client service for less cost. Ultimately, we all want to deliver the same product while spending less. For a law office, be it small or large, the best way to accomplish this goal is hire paralegals.

Ok, so you went ahead and did it. You put out an add in the local paper or called your local college and hired one paralegal. Now what?

The first thing I’d like you to consider is that paralegals are professionals. Let me repeat that … Paralegals are professionals. Most of us have career goals and aspirations as much as that first year associate you also just hired. As paralegals we would like, again just as that first year associate, to have a career path and know that there is a career track. Being a paralegal is not the end of the road for most of us. It is just the beginning.

So, this area of my blog is for the lawyers. See the tab up-there titled “For Attorneys.” These will be posts created especially for the hiring partners of the HR specialists that want to bring their practices to the next level.

In these posts we will discuss how to hire your paralegal staff, how to develop a paralegal program and how to train your paralegals to achieve optimum results. I say WE because the intent is to have this be an interactive discussion.

I look forward to working with you even if only virtually πŸ™‚

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