What a Crazy Day and What a Great Idea

Have you ever had those days when you feel like you did nothing you planned on doing but you’re totally exhausted by the time you finally turn off the computer at work and give your eyes time to adjust to the sunlight that you haven’t seen all day long.

Yeah, well…. that was the type of day I had.  From the minute I walked into the office I don’t think I stopped moving at all.  I think it was around lunch time when I remembered that I had not put on my heels and taken off my “commuting” shoes.  Ohhh, I’m not sure I ever mentioned this.  I take public transportation to work.  I live in the suburbs and work in the city so I drive my car to the parking lot at the train station near my house and commute by train into the City every morning.  This can be good and it can be bad.  I don’t mind it so much.  I’ve been doing it for 3 years now, almost 4.

During my 10 minutes for lunch, as I was standing in line in the cafeteria to pay for the sandwich that I would be eating at my desk, I realized that I was shorter than the rest of the “world” (no heels on).  I realized that I wanted more for this blog.  Yes, I am a paralegal and I love being a paralegal.  But I also love to discuss issues, especially issues that are relevant to what I do.

I am going to take a pages of this blog and discuss my research.  As you may already know if you follow me on Twitter that I am very involved in the Financial Regulatory Reform as well as very much involved in other aspects of broker dealer regulations and clearing broker regulations.

What do I hope to accomplish by doing this?  Well, I hope to accomplish a few things; 1) I hope that when you read my blog you understand that a paralegal is more than just someone who can maintain files can keep you organized.  It’s true, we can do that and most of us are really good at it;  2) you can learn about the regulations that surround us all; 3) I can learn from all of you because you’re going to post comments to my “rants”; and 4) I get to write and do what I absolutely love to do which is learn, research and teach.

Before I embark on this “soap box” of mine I do need to put in a disclaimer on the blog.  I need you all to know that the opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone.  They are not the opinions of my employer and not endorsed by my employer in any way shape or form.  Please refer to my disclaimer page.

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